The Dances
What do you want to learn?


Foxtrot: The Foxtrot is the most socially danced dance.  It can give you the poise to glide smoothly across a dance floor.  You will dance the Foxtrot to any slow music.  Many wedding songs are Foxtrots.

Waltz: The Waltz is the dance of grace and balance.  The Waltz is a slow dance but unlike other dances is done in 3/4 timing.  When dancing the Waltz you feel as though you are floating above the dance floor.

Tango: The Tango is the dance of passion.  You may have seen the Tango done with strong, staccato movements as the legs intertwine.  When you learn the Tango you will be one of the few on the dance floor to be admired.

Salsa/Mambo: Salsa is the hottest dance being done today!  The Latin rhythms invite you to move fluidly with your hips.  Turns and hand changes make this dance exciting.

Merengue: The Merengue is one of the easiest Latin dances to learn.  With Latin hip movements this dance has continuous turns for both the woman and the man.

Cha Cha: The Cha Cha is a fun and hot Latin dance that makes you move your hips in quick movements while being poised in your posture.  Many popular songs have the Cha Cha rhythms.

Rumba: The Rumba is the slow, romantic Latin dance.  The movements are smooth and rhythmic.  Many couples like this dance because of the soft and easy rhythm and for its many fancy figures.

Swing/Lindy: The Swing has been the craze in recent years.  It is done to the fast Big Band music.  It is fun and jumping, and is played at many weddings.  There a few styles and many steps that you will learn with this dance.

Hustle: The disco dance of the seventies is here with its fast but smooth movements.  The woman will spin often in this dance while the man shows off his lead.